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Powerproject Training


We offer all levels of Powerproject training, from those that are new to the software to the most experienced.

Be it classroom or web based, we deliver the best and most cost-effective training currently available from our very experienced Powerproject trainers.

Our team have over 25 years experience in delivering training courses in Powerproject. Both Chris and Andrew held senior positions at Asta and delivered courses across a wide range of industries and countries. We can train users of all levels on all aspects of the use of Asta.

We can create custom training solutions for our clients so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our aim is to give the best and most appropriate training your staff require. As well as being expert users of the software, we also have planning experience so we know how the software can be best utilised in your business.

Below are the standard courses that we offer but they can all be tailored to meet your specific requirements

As part of McLaren's strategic aim of providing first class planning and controlling of projects, Willmer Ltd have been instrumental in preparing and delivering bespoke Asta Powerproject training courses.  


The training has been delivered to over 70 Design Managers, Project Managers and Site Managers with a varying range of experience and ability. To date we have had very positive feedback from those attending


Brendan Johnston

Planning Director McLaren Construction

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Introduction to Powerproject

Course Objectives


With our expert tuition, by the end of this course delegates will be able to do the following:

  • Create a fully linked bar chart

  • Structure a project correctly using Summary Tasks

  • Code a project quickly and easily and filter out specific codes

  • Update tasks with progress and measure against a baseline

  • Print and share the project


Course Content

Creating a New Project

  • Creating a new project from a template file


Who should attend?

Those that are new to Powerproject, or those that need a refresher on the software.

This course is designed for anyone who needs to put together a project plan, be it a Planner, site staff or Project Managers



  • Amending an existing calendar with holidays, weekend working etc

  • Setting a default calendar

Creating a Linked Bar Chart


  • Adding new tasks with durations

  • Adding/deleting task

  • Adding milestones

Critical Path Analysis


  • Linking tasks

  • Reschedule a project to give you an end date

  • Critical Path and Float

  • Constraint flags – what are they and how best to use them.

  • Adding Lead and Lag via links

Creating Code Libraries


  • Creating a new code library

  • Allocating codes

  • Introduction to filters

Project Structure


  • Create Summary tasks

Progress & Baselines


  • Creating progress periods

  • Creating a baseline

  • Adding progress via a column

  • Planned progress v actual



  • Customise your project appearance for different audiences

  • Text annotations



  • Selecting the right border

  • The best print options

Course Materials

All delegates will receive course notes


No prior knowledge of Powerproject or project management is assumed.

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Advanced Powerproject

Course Objectives

With our expert tuition, by the end of this course delegates will be able to do the following: ​

  • Manage costs and income

  • Create and allocate resources to activities

  • Reporting via histograms and other reports

  • Understand views

  • Create new filters

  • Baselines & Progress

Course Content



  • Create cost centre

  • Allocate costs to activities

  • Income

  • Net cash flow analysis

Who should attend?

Those that have been on an introductory course or those that have used the software for a number of years​

This course is designed for anyone who needs to allocate costs and/or resource and wants to learn  some of the functionality of the software 



  • Create and allocate permanent resources

  • Understand resource modelling

  • Create and allocate consumable resources

  • Resource breakdown structure



  • Cost histograms

  • Resource histograms

  • Export histogram data to Excel

  • Tabula reports


  • What makes up a view?

  • Creating & saving


  • Create a new filter

  • Amend an existing one



  • Export data to Excel

  • Use previously created reports

  • Create a new report

Baselines & Progress


  • Learn how to create multiple baselines including merging

  • Progress periods

  • Comparing planned v actual progress

  • The jagged progress view

Course Materials

All delegates will receive course notes


Attendance of the introductory course is recommended or a number of years experience of Powerproject

For more information please email

Online Powerproject Training


All of our courses can be delivered online as well as tailored sessions to meet individual requirements. If you are new to the software, you want to enhance your knowledge or just need a refresher, we are the company to use.

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