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We develop solutions to compliment your existing project management software, which can help improve the delivery and control of projects.

Software to create S-Curves and Earned Value Reports from Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project

Create Project Management S-Curves quickly and effectively from xer , xml, mpp files or direct from the database without the need for Excel

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Project Tracker

What is it?

Project Tracker imports your project information from Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project to create S-Curves, Earned Value reports, project dashboards and project quality reports.

Who is it for?

Project Tracker is used by anyone involved in Project Controls. Clients, Project Managers, Schedulers, Planners and Consultants all benefit from the easy to use software.

Why consider?

Provides fast, interactive overview of project status.

Improves project reporting

No need for Excel or complicated exporting of data

As data is imported directly there is no need for Excel and time consuming exports from your project management software.

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