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Software to create Line of Balance charts from Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project

Create Line of Balance charts quickly and effectively from xer , xml, mpp files or direct from the database.

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What is it?

LOBTracker imports your project information from Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project to create Line of Balance charts.

What is Line of Balance?

Line of Balance  is a method of showing the repetitive work that may exist in a project as a single line on a graph. Unlike a Bar Chart, which shows the duration of a particular activity, a LOB Chart shows the rate at which the work that makes up all of the activities has to be undertaken to stay on schedule, as well as the relationship of one trade or process to the subsequent trade or process is defined by the space between the lines.

Line of balance charts are used to show the usage of trades and resources in projects that are planned over different areas, floors or rooms. They are particularly useful for projects involving the housebuilding, commercial building and high-rise construction industries.

How does it work?
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Step One

Configure your project with Activity Codes (P6) or Outline Codes (MSP)

Primavera P6 S Curves and Microsoft Project S Curves

Step Two

Open LOBTracker and import your project from Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project

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Step Three

Configure your charts

Key Features


Create a hierarchical location structure to group Build Stages


Filter by WBS scope and Build Stages to display. Build Stages can be Activity Codes, Resources or Activity Names


Lines can be drawn straight between the start and end of a stage, a line per stage and a line per stage including breaks for non working time


Display Clashes where trades are working in the same area and a task is delayed and Gaps, where there is non continuous work for a trade


View Build Rates per stage, comparing actual v planned.


Export Clashes and Gaps to Excel.

Export Rosetta report to Excel.


Full formatting and printing of charts.

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Download a no obligation free 14 day trial

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