Powerproject Training


We offer all levels of training, from basic users to the most experienced


Our team have over 40 years combined experience in offering training courses in Powerproject. Both Chris and Andrew held senior positions at Asta and delivered courses across a wide range of industries and countries. We can train users of all levels on all aspects of the use of Asta.


We prefer to create custom training solutions for our clients so please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Our aim is to give the best and most appropriate training your staff require. As well as being expert users of the software, we also have planning experience so we know how the software can be best utilised in your business.


Be it classroom or web based, we deliver the best and most cost effective training currently available from very experienced Powerproject trainers.

As part of McLaren's strategic aim of providing first class planning and controlling of projects, Willmer Ltd have been instrumental in preparing and delivering bespoke Asta Powerproject training courses.  


The training has been delivered to over 70 Design Managers, Project Managers and Site Managers with a varying range of experience and ability. To date we have had very positive feedback from those attending


Brendan Johnston

Planning Director McLaren Construction

Our Courses

Course 1 - Creating projects - 1 day

  • Creating a New Project

  • Calendars

  • Creating a linked bar chart

  • Adding Tasks

  • Adding Links

  • Critical Path and Float

  • Constraints

  • Reschedule

  • Moving tasks

  • Inserting Tasks

  • Deleting Tasks

  • Formatting the Bar Chart

  • Working with the Datezone

  • Multiple tasks on one line

  • Creating Project Structure

  • Summary Tasks

  • Expanded Tasks

  • Assigning Codes

  • Introduction to Filters

  • Baselines

  • Progress entry

  • Annotations

  • Printing

Course 2 - Managing projects - 1 day

  • Create task pools

  • Split and merge tasks

  • Use recurring tasks

  • User defined fields

  • Hammock Tasks

  • Working with Views

  • Filters

  • Sorts/Group

  • Formatting the Bar Chart

  • Configure spreadsheet

  • Views

  • Progress Entry using progress periods

  • Baselines and multiple progress periods

  • Straight line v jagged line programmes

  • Using the spreadsheet to report progress

  • Reporting

  • Progress reports

  • S Curves

Course 3 - Resources and Costs - 1 day

  • Managing Costs

  • Fixed Costs

  • Time based

  • Task work based

  • Income

  • Create net cash flow analysis

  • Cost Histograms

  • Permanent resources –

  • Creating Resources

  • Allocating Resources

  • Understanding resource modelling

  • Resource costs

  • Resource Histograms

  • Resource Breakdown Structure

  • Consumable resources

  • Creating consumable resources

  • Allocating consumable resources

  • Supply and Consumption

  • Costs

  • Histograms

  • Reports

  • Cost and Resource Reports

  • Earned Value & Reports

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