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Software to create S-Curves and Earned Value Reports from Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project

Create Project Management S-Curves quickly and effectively from xer , xml, mpp files or direct from the database without the need for Excel

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What is it?

Project Tracker imports your project information from Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project to create S-Curves, Earned Value reports, project dashboards and project quality reports.

As data is imported directly there is no need for Excel and time consuming exports from your project management software.

Who is it for?

Project Tracker is used by anyone involved in Project Controls. Clients, Project Managers, Schedulers, Planners and Consultants all benefit from the easy to use software.

Why consider?

Provides fast, interactive overview of project status.

Improves project reporting

No need for Excel or complicated exporting of data

Project Tracker - Open Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project files to create S Curves and Earned Value reports 

Project Tracker is designed to improve project communication by allowing users to create S Curves, Earned Value Reports, Dashboards and Project Quality reports without the need for Excel.



Ian McQueen



"Absolutely no doubt about it – Project Tracker is fantastic.


The thought and attention that has gone into it is clearly evident. It is a package that anyone in construction should have in their toolkit. It takes out the hassle of transferring data to other applications and gets away from having to grapple with Excel charts"

Paul Epperson



"I typically use Project Tracker to produce various curves using the code and WBS filters to analyze project schedules prior to submitting them to clients as a part of my QC check. Project Tracker makes this easy and allows me to check against baselines or previous updates and quickly look at cost, resource or duration curves to drill down to variances."

Øystein Wikeby

Cap Marine Consultants LLC


"Project Tracker helps us track the progress of our projects easily, and communicate with our customers in a way that explains progress and trends at a glance"

How does it work?
Primavera P6 S Curves and Microsoft Project S Curves

Step One

Open Project Tracker and import your project from Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project

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Step Two

Configure your reports

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Step Three

Print your reports as required

Download a fully functional no obligation free 30 day trial

S-Curves using Duration, Resource or Cost

Create S Curves using Duration, Cost or Resource to show trends and graphical project status

Key Milestone Tracking

Milestone Trend Analysis shows the status and trends of key project milestones

Earned Value, Earned Schedule and Earned Duration

Earned Value, Earned Schedule and Earned Duration fully supported.

Status Overview

Dashboard for graphical display of key data


Project Quality reports for robustness of project plan

Optimise work flow and identify conflicts

Line of Balance for optimising projects with repetitive work faces

Faster and more efficient way of viewing and communicating
project status

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